Matunga Premier School adopts SchoolVita

31. May 2016 News and Media, SchoolVita App 0
Matunga Premier School, one of Matunga’s oldest schools (1937) has also become the first to adopt the SchoolVita Mobile App platform for engagement with parents of their students,and made another mark in the history of education in Matunga. SchoolVita congratulates the management and staff of Matunga Premier School for a bold and pioneering step.

Schools are seeing themselves as not only charitable and education institutions but also as Service Providers. Schools provide a valuable service to parents by imparting knowledge and skills to their children which will shape their future. For delivering quality service, adopting digital technology has become essential.

Matunga Premier SchoolIn the changing social environment, families are becoming nuclear; both parents of a child are active participants in their child’s education process. It is not uncommon for both parents to be working; the scope of educational services has grown beyond blackboard teaching to all-round-development; parents are keen to know the strengths and weaknesses of their child and want to prepare their child for its future. This broadening scope for schools and increasing involvement of parents puts a lot of stress on school staff to communicate with parents. Conventional methods will not suffice in future.

Matunga Premier School has made a smart move towards Technology Oriented Education. It has made a big leap in time by going for the ready-to-use, high-tech mobile platform SchoolVita instead of spending lots of money and time to develop its own mobile delivery system.In a snap, the school has raised its level to that of premium international schools.

With SchoolVita, Matunga Premier School will simplify, automate it’s communication with parents and modernise some of its administrative processes.

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