Experience SchoolVita App: Add a Demo Child

05. July 2016 SchoolVita App 0

You can add a Demo Child to experience SchoolVita app. Here are the instructions to Add a Demo Child

A. Downloading SchoolVita App and Registering (skip if already done)

  1. Download SchoolVita app from Google Playstore or www.schoolvita.com
  2. Open the app
  3. View Slideshow
  4. Click “Register”
  5. Type your Mobile number and One-Time Password
  6. Click Create Account
  7. You are registered.
  8. You can browse through menu options which are not related to Child Selection

B. Adding a Demo Child

  1. Select Add Child from menu
  2. Enter the following details
    • Child Name: Demo Child
    • Standard and Division: 5 A
    • Select School Board: CBSE
    • Specify School: Demo School
    • City: Mumbai
    • Gender: Girl
  3. Click on “Add My Child” button
  4. You will see a list. Click on ‘Demo Child’
  5. Click on “Send Child Share Request” button
  6. A ‘Child Share Request’ would be sent to us

C. Once the Child Share Request is accepted by us

  1. Open the SchoolVita app
  2. You would see Demo Child in your child list
  3. Select “Demo Child”
  4. Experience the app by browsing through all the menu options

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