Instructions to Download SchoolVita, and Get Started (Register and Add Child)

05. July 2016 SchoolVita App 0


  1. Download SchoolVita app from Google Playstore or
  2. Open the app
  3. View Slideshow
  4. Click “Register”
  5. Type your Mobile number and One-Time Password
  6. Click Create Account
  7. You are registered.
  8. You can browse through menu options which are not related to Child Selection


  1. Select “Add Child” from menu
  2. Enter Child 1st name, standard, division
  3. Select Board, School, City, Gender
  4. Click “Add Child”
  5. Enter father and mother names and click Add Child
  6. Child is Added


You have registered, added your child.

a) If your school is on-board,

  1. you would automatically receive alerts and notifications for calendar and events;
  2. You can view term calendar, events calendar.  You can add your own personal calendar and get alerts;
  3. You can view exam timetable, class timetable;
  4. You can view test/exam results, and progress in each subject during the term in graphical view;
  5. You can pay school fees if your school has enrolled for it;
  6. You can participate in school polls, view offers and discounts
  7. and so on.

b) If your school is not on-board,

  1. You can add a Demo Child (for instructions, click here) and view features as in C-(a) above
  2. you can add your real child as explained in B above; and add Term Calendar, School Calendar of events and holidays, exam and class timetables, test and exam reports yourself; and get alerts, view performance graph, etc.
  3. You can use the “Where is My Child” facility

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